How to get to Kodaikanal

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How to get there?

  • By Flight

    Book a flight upto Madurai via Chennai(Internationl Airport). From Madurai, Kodaikanal can be reached by road (3 hours, 120KM, includes 48 KM of Hill Road).Also, you can fly up to Coimbatore or Trichy and come from there by road. (for distance by road and time, please refer to "By Road" description

  • By Train

    From Chennai/Bangalore many trains are passing through Kodai Road, which is the closest Railway station to Kodaikanal. From Kodai Road, Kodaikanal is about 2 hrs drive by road (75KM). From Chennai and Bangalore, the train facilities are also available to the other closet cities like Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy and Dindugal. From these cities, Kodaikanal can be reached by road.

  • By Road

    Kodaikanal is close to the following cities. 1. Madurai (120KM), 2.Trichy (200KM), 3.Coimbatore (172KM) and Dindugal (90KM). Paid Pickups can be arranged from the above said Cities based on advance notification (Rates can be given based on request).

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